L’insieme 2012 Elio Altare


L’insieme 2012 Elio Altare è un vino rosso prodotto da uve nella regione . .

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This “Super Piedmont” Vino Rosso is made of 40% CabSau, 20% Barbera, 20% Nebbiolo, 10% Dolcetto and 5% each of Syrah and Petit Verdot!

The L’Insieme association is a wine growers initiative and charitable organization founded in 1997 by Elio Altare one of Europe?s most influential and iconic winemakers. Elio’s initial inspiration was to raise money for the preservation of historical sites in his native Piedmont. This idea evolved into a global outreach.

The core of the group is its seven winemakers: Elio Altare, Mauro Veglio, Federico Grasso, Giuliano Corino, Carlo and Lorenzo Revello, Gianfranco Alessandria and Paolo and Giulio Morando. Five of the wineries are located in La Morra, six in Barolo producing zones. The Morando brothers of the La Morandina estate in Castiglione Tinella are the lone representatives of Asti.

In Italian insieme means together. In this context it has two connotations. Growers working together for a common cause and the blending of native grapes, Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto, with international varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Petit Verdot.

Very intense ruby in color with a spicy and intensely fruity nose. The palate is big structured because of the composition with a more ‘international’ style, spicy and herbal. Pair with red meats or game. Extremely limited availability of this rarity.

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